Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I invest in SOFENTO?
We're developing a new wave of financial products to the digital currency market in order to bring the next 100 million people into blockchain. Our focus is always on our members. SOFENTO investment products are designed to work in the best interest of its members instead of trying to make as much profit as possible.
How and where are the coins traded?
The coins will be deployed in a number of ways, the most common being used in margin lending and shorting. We use the interest and fees borrowers and shorters pay us to pay you interest.
Do you use my coins as working capital?
Yes, the cryptocurrency we hold from our members is used as working capital for the company.
How to make a deposit?
You can do this in your account. Select the payment system, plan and specify the amount.
Is SOFENTO legit?
Yes, our company was officially registered in the UK. We have a confirmation of our legitimacy.
How are my coins secured?
They are held in encrypted accounts and once deployed (lent out), they are backed by cash collateral to ensure the lender is always protected.
Can I get my coins back whenever I want?
No, you cannot. Interest is calculated daily and distributed daily as well. Your principle deposit is included in the percentage you get back every day.


Who can make deposits on your site?
Anyone over 18 years old.
How can I make a deposit?
Register and select a payment system. You can make a deposit in your personal account.
What payment systems do you work with?
PerfectMoney deposits are credited to your account instantly. Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash and Ethereum deposits are added after 1 confirmation on the blockchain.
Do you have any restrictions on the withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 $ for e-currencies and 0.0003 if withdrawing Bitcoin.
How fast are my deposits added to my account?
PerfectMoney and Payeer deposits are credited to your account instantly. Bitcoin Dash and Ethereum deposits are added after 1 confirmation on the blockchain.
How long will I wait for my withdrawal to be processed?
All withdrawals are processed and paid instantly for PerfectMoney and Bitcoin if the minimum withdrawal is requested. Withdrawals for other crypto can take up to 24 hours.
In what currency is interest paid?
Interest earned will be paid in the respective currency (BTC, PM, etc.) If you deposit with Bitcoin, you will receive interest in Bitcoin, deposit in Payeer, receive interest in Payeer etc.


How is storing with SOFENTO safer than storing in cold storage?
We diversify the assets across multiple platforms, such as cold storage, institutional exchanges, and short orders, in which case we have 120-150% of the dollar value in an FDIC-insured bank account.
Is your website protected from attacks?
We are secured by DDoS-guard and have a team of developers monitoring the situation day and night.
How secure is my personal information?
We use data encryption. If you do not tell anyone your login and password, your personal data will be in complete security.
If I have difficulties in my personal account, where can I get help?
You can always contact us by mail via the contact us page or on Telegram.


How many accounts can I create?
Only one account per user is allowed. Creating multiple accounts will result in a complete lockout of the user.
How can I create an account?
Click the registration button and enter your real data. After confirmation, you will have access to your personal account.
Can I change my account data?
Yes, this option is provided in the personal account. You can however not change your upline.

Referral Program

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we have a referral program: with it you can earn 7% commission of all your referrals deposits. On the second level 0.5% and on the third level 0.5%.
Should I have an active deposit to participate in the Referral program?
No, you are not obligated to make a deposit to earn a 7% referral commission.
Do you have promotional material?
Yes, we do. All members of SOFENTO have an individual referral link. You can find promotional material in your account under the referrals page.